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In this free VIDEO, I'll show you:
secrets to goal setting:
Learn the one mistake people make when they set their goals that actually moves them away from success rather than towards it.
Who and what you have around you can be a big influence on you and your success. Knowing how to spot and avoid the negatives is essential.
Move with confidence and assurance that you will complete your goal with the energy you need to go the distance.
You will also receive resources, tools and checklists to help you move faster and smoother towards your goal.
and more...
Hi, I'm Fran Banting - a results specialist, speaker and best selling author, and I help entrepreneurs, sales specialists and professional service business owners grow their visions, personally and professionally by changing one thing......the way they think.
My video today will show you how by having the awareness of your own perceptions and taking control of your own visions, it can lead you to the lifestyle of your dreams.

Without it, you will waste your time stuck in the rerun of setting the same goals over and over again, and struggling to grow your business and your results.

With it, you can eliminate all of the frustration and negative back talk about yourself and follow a simple process to lead you and your business to a more fulfilling outcome where you and your clients will benefit.

Let's get you on the right dream path!

Fran Banting
“I have been so fortunate to be introduced to Fran Banting. Now I have such amazing tools in my personal and business toolbox.
Fran is very helpful, explaining, supporting and challenging my sense of self and knowledge opening up so many suppressed levels of confusion and self doubt.  No more “I don't knows” or “what ifs” and a great sense of peace in myself today.”

~ Carol Melanson, Entrepreneur

"Fran is a visionary teacher and an inspiring woman! The info she shares is practical and down-to-earth and it makes sense to me.

That's why I've been able to apply it to my own life, my mind, my relationships and my business."

~ Elizabeth Beeds, Interior Wellness

"The expression, 'The Master Will Come When the Student is Ready' is an apt expression to describe the point of life that I found myself in and meeting Fran.
What separated Fran from all other coaches is the fact that she inspires her clients toward goals previously unimagined, reaching for the clouds! ? I knew I had a lot to offer but without Fran as my guiding hand, I would not have learned how to put it all together.

~ Bernice Penney, Teacher

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